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GroundTruth supports community awareness and knowledge dissemination through stakeholder consultation and project involvement. We play an active role in creating awareness of water quality concerns, and believe in the promotion of environmental education and awareness within the public sector, educated citizens will adopt better habitats and be more aware of their natural environment. With careful observation and reporting pollution practices within their surrounding environment. 

GroundTruth regularly incorporate and undertake the following practices:

  • Skills transfer and capacity building through Joint Ventures with Non-Governmental Organisations, Government Initiatives and Community Based Organisations

  • Support and capacity building of university students through employment in learner-ships

  • Skills transfer and capacity building through collaboration on projects with emerging contractors and consultants

  • Participation in, and support to, community-based projects

  • Development of community and school based tools and initiatives to create education, awareness and responsibility with regards to the environment

  • Developing the environmental sections of the school syllabus

  • Environmental awareness lectures and presentations

The community projects which GroundTruth are currently involved in include:

  • miniSASS – GroundTruth plays an active role in the development and promotion of the school and community oriented river biomonitoring and educational tool

  • Dusi-uMngeni Conservation Trust – GroundTruth support the projects undertaken by DUCT and actively involve and consult the organisation wherever possible

  • Wetland Community of Practice – GroundTruth is actively involved with the wetland specialist community and authorities within KwaZulu-Natal to initiate the collective development of codes of practice within the profession