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GroundTruth Engineering strives to develop innovative and cost effective engineering solutions which are sensitive to ecosystems, while considering the clients operating requirements. GroundTruth is able to provide overarching engineering solutions, from the planning and design phase to the implementation of engineering projects within natural and agricultural landscapes. 

Services provided by GroundTruth Engineering include:
  • Freshwater ecosystem rehabilitation planning, design and implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation of rehabilitation intervention outputs and outcomes
  • Soil conservation planning, design and implementation
  • Best management practices and recommendations to manage the impact of construction activities on freshwater ecosystems
  • Recommendations informing stormwater planning to reduce impacts on the receiving environment
  • Agricultural and forestry road upgrades, planning and design. 
  • Borrow pit management plans
  • Project management of national or regional scale  projects relating to natural resources


Edendale Mall
Environmental Engineering

GroundTruths' current environmental engineering projects include the assessment, planning, design and implementation of the innovative Greater Edendale Mall wetland rehabilitation.